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If your lifestyle does not control your body...

then your body will control your lifestyle!

If you are a boomer or a senior, this site is for you! 

Fitness and Health are Priceless...but they don't have to be expensive!

If you want to raise your aging curve, read below to see how I am doing it, and then JOIN ME.

Let's do it together!

What Is Boomers Online Fitness Club?

Baby boomers have always been trend setters. Now as we retire, fitness and health top our list. We want to live longer but with a healthy lifestyle.

We want: 

  1. physical strength through an active lifestyle
  2. the physical ability to do what we want 
  3. to live with little or no pain
  4. to understand the effect of what we eat (nutrition is at least 75% of fitness) 

I am in control of the above 4 items, and I take care of my body because it's the only one I have. I am 70 years old and I like the way I look and I feel great. Your membership in boomers online fitness will help you get the same result

Want your own on-Line Certified Personal Trainer?

Many of our exercise routines at boomers online fitness club can be done anywhere; at home, in the park, at the gym or while you’re travelling. Some exercises use equipment and some use only your own bodyweight. 

Whether you are: 

  1. new to fitness (never worked out before), (very unfit) or (moderately unfit)
  2. already fit and healthy, 
  3. an older adult and looking for help, 
  4. pain restricted due to health issues.

Let me help you. You will learn about the components of physical fitness and the biological markers of aging that we are all experiencing. Read more on each in the Members Only section!

Let me help you to reach your fitness goals

Each of these 8 sections have tools and instructional details in the membership section to help you accomplish your fitness goals! I will guide you through each step. We can use FaceTime or Skype, whichever you have.

  1. Fitness Level (Where are you now?)
  2. Fitness Goals (Where do you want to be?)

  3. How To Work Out (What do I have to do to get there?)
  4. Exercise Intensity (How hard should I work out?)
  5. Home Fitness Equipment (What if I have no equipment?)
  6. Fitness Motivation (I'm not sure if I want to?)
  7. Functional Fitness (Can I just do the basics?)
  8. Exercise Safety (Is this going to hurt?) 


You don't have to change your whole lifestyle, just make a few adjustments! 

Fitness 101

Grab your membership and then browse through each of the pages listed above to get a feeling for the material. Each page ties to the others to give you a basic understanding of what you are about to do. Spending a little time here will pay huge dividends later on. 

If you are Very Unfit, start with the program and calendar on the Very Unfit page. Please do not rush it. Injuries and frustration are often the result of rushing ahead. You got into a very unfit state over will not get fit in a few weeks. 

If you used to work out and have some muscle memory, then start with the Moderately Unfit program and calendar. Again please don't rush it. Same reasons! 

Starting Programs 

The programs for The Very Unfit and The Moderately Unfit consist of a 30-day training calendar listing workouts for each day. There is a specific goal for each 30-day program. Each will make use of the Fitness Tools during the program and you will continue to use them over the long term. 

C'mon, grab your membership and let's get started! If you are not sure what to do, I will walk you through each and every step!

Work-Out with Ron

I was born in 1946, and I am one the 1st Baby Boomers and a Senior. Let me be your Certified Personal Trainer OnLine. 

Going to a gym will put you in the hands of 30-year-old individual who just cannot know what it feels like to be 60-65 or 70. Well, at 70 years old, I'm already there with you, so let's do this together

As your Personal Trainer I will help you raise your aging curve like I have done and am continuing to do.

 If you are new to fitness I suggest you look at the Very Unfit and Moderately Unfit workout plans first. If you are relatively fit and want to work along with me, then I will explain everything I do,  show you what I do, how I do it and why. You can adapt any of it to suit your needs or have me make suggestions and provide guidance. Or you can just select components and make your own workouts. 

I do all the exercise videos, no kids or models here. 

Just someone like you! 

If you have a favourite exercise I have not included in the exercise list, once you are a member, you can send it in and I will include it under your name!

Sample Exercises

Here are two of my favourite exercises and one of my posture workouts!

This stretch works the lower back and the knees. Moving the stretch just a bit from side to side can change the focus in the lower back.

Lift your butt off the ground making a straight line from knees to shoulders. The goal is to slowly increase your holding time.

Restricted by Pain?

If you have pain restrictions, you might take an anti-inflammatory such as aspirin about an hour before you begin. This will decrease the inflammation in your muscles and joints and will thin your blood making it easier for blood to move through your system allowing for better oxygenation of your tissues (which will decrease muscle cramping and soreness). While your body starts to get back in shape, you should expect to have sore muscles, but if you have real pain then specific exercises to deal with the pain are necessary.  

Whichever pain you are experiencing is the worst one ever! I know! I have a bit of arthritis in my hands, it is bothersome but not painful and I can only imagine how bad some people have it. I have had lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and rotator cuff pain. I have avoided hip pain but I have significant experience with sciatic nerve pain.

Here are some sample exercises and workouts dealing with each of the above. There are workouts in the Members area and more are added each month.

Arthritic Hands - Video

I have had arthritis in my hands for some time now. We can and should exercise with any type of arthritis. Our goal is deal with the pain, keep a full range of motion in the joint and keep strength in the muscles around the joint.

Back Pain - Video

There are 4 types of back pain and many of us have experienced all of them, They happen because we don't pay attention when lifting things. We have all around bad posture and bad sleep habits that lead to weakened muscles that are easily injured. The exercise series on the right makes a good starting point, and there are several other similar workouts in the Members section.

Hip Pain - Video

How many people do you know with hip pain? Again, most people don't excercise enough and the years of neglect creates muscle imbalances in the hip joint, lower back and in the legs. It also leads to poor posture. Bones get more brittle, then people fall and hips get broken all too often. 

Then it is hip surgery and you are quite dependent after that.

Sciatic Pain - Slide Show

The few exercises I show here are part of a preventative approach I developed over several years during which I had some very bad episodes with sciatic pain.


While this is not technically a source of pain it is a very serious disease and since I have just been diagnosed with it...I want to talk about it and how I deal with it. I think I'll start with picture of a healthy set of lungs.

Exercise is critical if you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Thirty (30) years ago I quit smoking and in March of 2016 I get diagnosed with this reward. 

You must force your lungs to do some work or they will continue to degrade. COPD does not have to get worse, but if you do no exercising because it is hard, well guess what? Your lungs will get progressively worse! Thats what I am talking about on The Aging Curve.

 I now know how terrifying it is to wake up in the middle of the night because I cannot catch my breath. And then I can't get back to sleep. Can't sleep because I can't breathe. After the first week I was such a mess! 

Now I am learning how to deal with the drugs they want me to take.

So, if you have COPD, come and workout with me...and share what you have that end I started our first forum on COPD.

Rotator Cuff

Your rotator cuff is four muscles that move and stabilize the shoulder joint. Damage to any or all of the four muscles and the ligaments that attach these muscles to bone can occur because of injury, chronic overuse, or  as a result of aging. Here are four preventative moves that I use all the time. There are more in the Exercise Library.

Each of these common ailments has its own section inside with multiple workouts to help you deal with your pain. There is also a forum where you can discuss your experience with other members. I have personal experience with each of them except the Hip Pain and the Restricted Movement. What I am showing you on this site is what I learned and what helps me with the pain. 

Read the entire list of Membership Benefits and then grab yours and get started.

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